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About Promontory

It is our passion to deliver the physical and emotional support necessary for the rapid recovery of our patients. Our staff of caring professionals will evaluate patients with a physician referral and will seamlessly communicate with the referring physician throughout their home health services. An on-call nurse is available at all times to our patients, their families, and caregivers.

We strive for excellence with every patient interaction & consider it an honor to accompany & assist our patients on their journey to recovery.


How did Promontory Home Health get its name?

Promontory Home Health is a part of Promontory Healthcare Companies, which began in the Idaho/Utah region. Its name came from Promontory Summit, UT where the First Transcontinental Railroad was officially completed. In 1873, a direct coast-to-coast journey was achieved, allowing a 6-month walking journey to be completed in just 8 days.

Just as the First Transcontinental Railroad connected the nation, Promontory Home Health seeks to connect our patients to the best healthcare resources available.

Promontory Home Health provides services to patients in San Diego County.

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